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Act Now: Blessing Bassey

Blessing Bassey  By Julie Ibok  Blessing Bassey earned a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. She is currently studying as a Public Health Pharmacist at the West Africa College of Pharmacy.  Blessing is also a Longrich entrepreneur. In the year 2020,she started a business in Longrich, a multinational network company because its products helps in improving health and she didn't want to be entirely reliant on her salary. In this interview, she discusses her experience as a Longrich entrepreneur, as well as how women can benefit from the Longrich business model. Why did you choose Longrich as a business? I was inspired to join the Longrich business because it is one of the most profitable and satisfying business model you can think of today. They have a good network marketing scheme, which allows entrepreneurs to make profits. In addition, the company's diverse product line meets international quality standards.The company produ

Esther Amadi: Do Not Give Up Just Yet Because It's Possible

Esther Amadi By Julie Ibok Esther Amadi Valentine is a graduate of            Computer Science from the University of Wollongong, Australia. She's an entrepreneur and business advisory consultant.  In this interview, she talks about her career story as a business consultant and what you need to do when you want to start a new business.  Why did  you make the career change from  Computer Science to Business Consulting? The women in my family have always excelled in business, and I was taught to see business ownership as a path to financial freedom. So, I knew I would engage in business. It was only a matter of when? I chose representing manufacturers and the consulting business because it enabled me to combine the various aspects of businesses I enjoy doing. What difficulty did you encounter starting your consulting business? Our business includes representing international manufacturers in regions where they'd like to create an awareness about their brand for eventual market do