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Starting A New Career Is Not Easy: Esijimi Obadiah

   By Julie Ibok Esijimi Obadiah  Esijimi Obadiah is a graduate of computer science from the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Delta State, Nigeria. She is an entrepreneur and photographer. She began her career in photography in 2012. In April, 2014, she started her own photo studio -OMJ Company Limited. OMJ is a business partnership with her husband . In this interview, she talks about her career in photography and gives an advice for women who want to start a new career. Why did you choose to pursue a career in photography? I chose a career in photography because it helps me in expressing who I am. Also, through photography, I can help others create memorable experiences.  What is the most difficult part of being a photographer? The most difficult part is being creative. To create good photographs, a photographer must think deeply to get inspiration.  How do you connect with difficult clients? First of all, nothing good comes easily. Communicating with difficult clients is not easy at all,


Emem Patrick  By Julie Ibok.   Have you ever learnt a skill that came in handy for your personal need when you least thought about it?  Read how Emem Patrick sewed her own gorgeous wedding gown barely two weeks to her wedding and made herself up on her wedding day. Emem Patrick is a graduate of Marine Geology from the University of Calabar, Nigeria. She’s the CEO of Emines stitches and Empress make-over.  The Beginning ... A biblical proverb says train a child in the way he (she) should go... Emem started sewing at an early age. She could remember when she used to cut her mother’s wrapper and sew it with a needle and thread. While she was in secondary school, her mother saw the passion she had for sewing and bought her a sewing machine.  Again, at the University, Emem enrolled at a  Fashion Design school. She also started receiving training in Makeup Artistry. Her motivation for enrolling at a Fashion Design School was to learn “how to sew to avoid an argument with tailors” she said.

Benitha Samuel: Start From Where You Are...Do Not Wait Until You Are Perfect

Benitha Samuel Benitha Samuel is an indegene of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria and a graduate of Communication Arts from the University of Uyo.  She is a public speaker, baker, photographer, teacher, a positive self-thought coach, virtual show host and a presenter with INSIDEKANOTV. She is presently building her public speaking program on her virtual show "THE BENNY EXPRESSION SHOW" where she shares with people from all walks of life, the reason to look inward for the love they seek, find their uniqueness, build who they are or want to be, and step out boldly to share their message. She has hosted many guests from different parts of the country on the show, to share their stories and educate people on how to stay focused on the journey of being who they truly are. In this interview, Benitha gives us a glimpse of her passion project and advice to women seeking to live fulfilling lives. How did you start the Benny Expression Show? I started the  " Benny Expression Show  &quo