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Onward Leah By Julie Ibok Onward-Anwuri Leah is a legal practitioner. She is also a food processing and packaging entrepreneur. She's the CEO of INGIBO FOODS and she's happily married with children. INGIBO FOODS is a business enterprise that sells sea foods, destoned Acha grains and processes grains to flour. She started her business in the year 2020, when she noticed the need to begin healthy eating. In this interview, she tells us about her experience as a food processing entrepreneur as well an advice for women contemplating going the path of entrepreneurship.  Why did you choose the food processing industry? In 2015, it was discovered that I had pregnancy-induced diabetes and it cost me a 7-month old pregnancy. So, the journey to eating healthily started as I became tired of insulin injections, daily drugs, and regular hospital visits. In one of my google searches for what to eat, I  came across Acha which is also known as fonio and read reviews that piqued my interest in h