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"There is no limit to what we as women can accomplish "-- Michelle Obama 

HapiWify is a christain community for young women. We are a digital resource dedicated to helping young women unlock their potentials. 

Through the resources we provide, young women are able to draw inspiration and advice from a variety of stories, interviews, how-to guides, expert opinions, etc to achieve their dreams and walk in their purposes.

We are changing the negative narrative about womanhood. We are providing answers to women's most pressing questions regarding combining motherhood with actualising their ambitions. We are helping young girls know that they have value and treasure within, hence, they can actualize their dreams. 

Our goal is to ensure that no woman dies without realizing her potential. 


Hi my name is Awunli Eghosasere, a Writer, Christain Women's Speaker and Trainer helping young women in Christain virtual and physical communities. 

My writing career has spanned seven years. I have covered women issues, faith and career advancement for early and mid-level career professionals. My writings have appeared on leading international and African blogs for 
women .

 One of the highlights of my publishing career is helping top global female thought leaders like Jane Egerton Idehen; Head of Sales, Facebook Middle East and West Africa, Dupe Akinsuin, Global Leadership Development Consultant and Chidi Koldsweat Founder and CEO Donors for Africa; the leading capacity building organization for non-profits in Africa gain more visibility for the work they do through my publishing career.

HapiWify as an extension of  our "Womanup Project" a training and development initiative that helps young women build capacity to contribute effectively to society. I want to contribute significantly to reduce the menance of abusive marriages by helping women increase their value. I want to help young women and moms who have told me they have not lived their lives or that they sacrificed their dreams to become a "stay at home mom" for their kids. I want young women to know that there are many ways to kill a rat! 

You can be a mom and have your dreams! You can be a single lady and crushing your goals without selling your body and soul! We provide the platform that gives every woman a voice and a chance to achieve her dreams. 

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