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Essential Tips For First Time Moms

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As a first time mom, you may be confused about the many new experiences motherhood presents on your path. Some women may experience post partum depression, others a loss of identity and the list goes on and on. 

Whatever challenges motherhood is serving you as a first time mom, mothers in our community are saying you can pull through. 

Here are a few tips they want you to know as you navigate one of the most challenging yet beautiful experiences of womanhood. 

Dr. Oladele Tolulope
Assistant Director NACA

Take it easy on yourself. Don't try to live up to any expectation or theories. Make things easy for yourself by adopting ideas and lifestyles that work. Asking for help if you need.

What children need most is your love and care: being there and keeping them fed, neat and warm. Rest well by cutting out frivolities so that you will be there for them.

Don't think your life is over, you will catch up. Give them the best of you and you will reap it. Enjoy the period and your children. They will soon leave you and you will have the fruits of what you have sown to live by.

Julie Ibok
Lawyer and Content Writer 

As a first time mom, know that all children are unique in their own way. Appreciate yourself for having a healthy baby. Try as much as you can not to live up to people's expectations of your baby. Rest when the baby sleeps and always check your baby's temperature.

Obehi Anetor
Marketing Communications Professiona

Go easy on yourself. Its a beautiful experience but overwhelming. Forgive your mistakes and learn from them. Accept help and take a break sometimes because you can't do it all. And let it out(cry) if you need to, you are not a bad mom if you do. Forget the stories, nobody is perfect!

Isoken Bello
Lawyer and Events Planner

My advise to first time mums is that they should not be anxious of the unknown. They shouldn't  do what others are doing. For instance, some moms may want to buy designer wears for their kids when they can't afford it or buy foreign baby cereals. Again, do not take all advice hook, line and sinker. 

Take care of yourself in terms of your body and hygiene and do not abandon your spouse because of your new baby. 

Sandra Osunbo

As a first time mum ,your child should always be your number one priority. Always be observant when he or she is not comfortable. Endeavor to eat well because what you eat is what your baby also eats through breastmilk. 

Remember that your body will never be same and that's Ok. Never joke with sleep. Whenever your baby sleeps try to do same so as to have enough rest. If your child falls of from your hand as a result of stress, don't panic. I also experienced same. So just be calm and give the child a little massage and administer pain relief.

If  your child is the type that cries often don't label it as something bad. It's normal as some children cry often while some don't. Don't compare your child's development to others and always take note of any changes in your child and act accordingly.

Amara Amanda

Avoid the silent killers i.e pain, trauma, sickness e.t.c. Talk to someone, don't die in silence because "a closed mouth is a closed destiny".  Also, pay attention to your personal hygiene and do a regular detox. Please find time to carry out  exercise physically, spiritually and mentally. It's very important.

Always smile, it has a way of making things calm and bringing peace as Matthew 25:14 says "Rejoice in the lord, again I say rejoice...". 

Don't look down on anyone. Be open to change as we all know that the only constant thing in this life, is CHANGE.

Discover your talent and run with it. Be well positioned and ready to accept every positive opportunity that comes your way because some opportunities may come only once in a life time, so once missed, it can't be retrieved.

Finally, human relationship needs attention, so from time to time get that needed attention, you  deserve the best lifeđź’–.

Blessed Iyere
Pastor and Fashion Entrepreneur 

As first time mums there are a lot of reasons to be afraid. But the best approach is to turn it over to the Lord. He is the one that placed the baby there in the first place,  and him alone can see you through and he is the one that can give you your expected end of happiness.

Deal with that fear reassuring yourself of that God's ever presence is with you. You are LOVED.

Nelly Odiakaose
Scientific Researcher

As a first time mom, know that your kid is your family which is one of your most valuable asset. Nuture your child with undiluted love. Give your kid the maximum attention and be  prayerful. Your kid is your future. 

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