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Women Achieving Their Dreams
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It’s sometimes a sad truth that majority of women give up on their dreams in life. Sometimes it happens early and at other times, it may happen late.

It happens early, when as a little girl you were told by your parents that whatever you are aiming at in life is impossible to reach. It happens later, when at an older age, instead of trying to change, you decide to remain the same way.

It’s a sad thing when a dream dies. And even worse when it does too soon. To keep from letting your dreams die, ask those around you what’s the last creative thing they have seen you do. Their response may help you see the gaps in your life and spur you into action.

These five things can sabotage your dreams:

A Lack of Self-Belief

When you don't believe in yourself, you are putting a lid over the great ideas that you have. Instead of searching for reasons your ideas won’t succeed, figure out ways to make your ideas happen.You have to be willing to think differently.

Also, experiment with new ideas and trust that you will discover the way to make them work.

Believing in yourself is one thing that makes a difference in the process of achieving your dreams or ambition. When you don’t believe that it’s possible to make new things work, then it will be hard to make any progress at all. It wouldn't matter how good the idea is. Nothing will work for you if you don’t believe in your ideas.

The Fear of Failure

Most women find it very challenging to bounce back from failure. The saying “success means you had failure, but you picked yourself up again” is apt here. Chasing a dream often means a lot of sacrifices is needed to realize it.

Failing once or twice isn’t a measure of your potential or what you are capable of accomplishing. For you to get it right, you will have to acknowledge that everybody makes mistakes and moving forward entails owning up to your mistakes. Sometimes, people don’t get to the top without significant failures. Therefore, do not see your missteps as the end of the world but as an opportunity to think through problems creatively.

Elevating the Opinions of Others Over Yours

Some women don’t take the time to ask themselves what they really want. But instead, they ask the opinions of their parents or friends.

Many women deal with limited access to advice and mentors, which are needed for professional growth and advancement.
Notwithstanding, sometimes, it is good that you make decisions for yourself rather than seeking the opinions of others. A self-confident woman is sure of herself and the decisions she makes.

Also, because many women can’t really explain what it is they want out of life, the challenges of achieving their dreams can appear so difficult and unrealistic that they start to become less ambitious.

Keeping Company with the Wrong People

Surround yourself with positive people. When you are always in the company of people that are unproductive or people who don't have dreams, you may one day be like them.

Bear it in mind that people who make you question your worth are not your friends. True friends should help you weigh the options of certain situations; they should never make you feel unsupported in your views.

Take note that being in the midst of the wrong people might not be the best for you. You may think their advice will help you but it may pose a threat to your dreams.

Negative Self Talk

Perhaps, it’s time to let go of the negative self talk that keeps you from reaching your full potential. Developing self-confidence is a lifelong process that may be fraught with challenges. It does not just happen. A lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem sre triggers of negative self-talk and they can get in the way of your dreams.

In conclusion, in order to achieve your dreams, connect with people that are like minded. In that way, you will find the inspiration, courage and confidence to actualize your dreams.

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