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Dzigbordi Is Looking So Radiant At 50


Dzigbodi Dosoo a New Media sensation and Business and Leadership influencer has just clocked 50! 

Dzigbodi is a Ghanaian business woman, speaker and consultant. She is also the host of "The Dzigbordi Show", which airs in 46 countries across Africa, Europe and the UK. She co-founded KANSHI an African skin and body (aromatherapy and SPA) care line. She became widely known for the successful marketing of her brand Allure Africa. This milestone earned her the award of “The Marketing Woman of the Year” in 2009 by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. 


She also received the RepĂȘchage President’s Award in the RepĂȘchage Annual Conference in New York in 2017.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, she shared 50 lessons that she has learnt over the past five decades on her social media platforms. 

Here, we have picked 25 lessons that can help young women overcome life's hurdles and become outstanding achievers in any area of life endeavor. 


"As I turn 50, I’ve been reflecting on all that I have learned through my journey; becoming a Certified High-Performance Coach, a business consultant, an entrepreneur and a parent, my relationship with God and making peace with a difficult childhood. 


"My gift to you is sharing what I’ve learned in this #50LessonsAt50 series; some deeply personal lessons, a couple of missteps and other lessons that I hope will strike a chord with anyone who has ever gone through tough times."

  • Invest in people, not things. Shoes get worn out. Clothes fade. iPhones break. People and the memories you create will fill you up much longer than any material item. Make your investments wisely.
  • Baby steps will still get you to where you’re going. It may take you longer to get there, but movement is what’s important. Don’t be ashamed to go slow.
  • By being yourself, the right person will love you. When you’re busy going after someone who doesn’t want you, the person who is right for you will arrive.

  • Find a way to merge your passion and purpose with profit.

  • Everyone doesn’t need to know everything. Privacy is important. Some things are better kept to yourself.

  • Regardless of what you’ve achieved, there will always be someone better than you. Your goal in this life is not to compete with others, it’s about reaching your own potentials and walking your own path.

  • Making a difference in the lives of other people can give you a sense of purpose. Even in small ways, being of service can give your life meaning.

  • Complaining will not fix things.

  • You get more by giving more. If you want success and an abundant life, give as much as you can.

  • Travel is the best education you’ll get. You will learn so much – about a culture, a place, and yourself – when you travel. Do it as often as you can.

  • You’ll be scared to do things, but do them anyway. Push your envelope and build your confidence and courage.

  • Stand by your principles. Do not allow others to make a doormat out of you. Learn to assert yourself.
  • Success comes from putting yourself in situations that most people wouldn’t. The success that you’re going to find in life, business and in your relationships come from pushing yourself through doors that other people aren’t willing to.
  • Put time into the people that matter to you. When things go bad, we all have a tiny circle of people that we can lean on. Make sure you are investing time into those special people in your life. Nothing is more important than them.

  •  Get comfortable making mistakes. Don’t spend a lot of time being afraid to live life because you don’t want to make mistakes. A life well-lived is a life filled with courage, and courage is often going to lead to not doing things the right way the first time. Get comfortable in that place because it is here where you grow.

  • Everything always gets better. If you just hang in there, things will always move from the uncomfortable dread or loneliness to better. I have seen several life situations to count on that makes me certain of this.

  • Just try and be a little bit better every day. Life can be overwhelming. The best way to feel good at the end of the day and give yourself some focus is by asking yourself; "did I become a little bit better today?"

  • Take care of your body and mind. They are the vessel that we are given to experience life. Cherish both accordingly.

  • You don't have to explain yourself to everyone. People may judge and misunderstand you. But it’s not your responsibility to prove them wrong. Spend more time on proving the people who know and love you right, including yourself.

  • Be happy for other people's wins. Their progress doesn't take anything away from you and doesn't mean you're not doing enough.

  • Run your own race. We all have different talents, strengths and weaknesses. Do what's right for you and don't compare yourself to other people.

  • You can’t fix every problem. We don’t always have the answers. We can only try our best and relinquish the rest.

  • Save a little more money. Spend money a little smarter. And learn to invest your money.

  • Don’t stay in a job you hate.

  • There’s no timeline for your life. There’s no age limit for getting married, buying a house, having kids. There’s also no requirement to have those things. Live in the moment. Enjoy your life as it is, and only seek to change it when you’re ready.


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