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How to Solve Money Issues in Your Marriage

Money is one of the stongest issues that break marriages says many studies and marriage counsellors. For example, one early sunday morning, I jolted out of a sweet deep sleep having heard the sound of a broken glass in a flat above mine. When I listened closely to the argument, I deduced that money was what the couple were fighting over. As a matter of fact, on that day, my neighbourhood was full of people who left what they were doing to settle the fight between the couple. It was such a pathetic scene!  According to a marriage relationship expert, disagreements about money issues shouldn't spun into a full blown war between couples. All you have to do is have consistent and respectful conversations around the money subject so as to prevent tempers from flaring. These conversations will give you insight into the underlying belief that fuels your partners actions. Understanding that underlying belief is paramount to working your way around money issues. Another step is seeking prof