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     Photo: Coach Jules.     Source: Okene Juliet Okene aka Coach Jules is the founder of It is a coaching boutique that helps high potential individuals gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and bridge the gap between their performance and potential. I heard about Juliet Okene for the first time when Steve Harris mentioned her name in an Instagram post. She coached 35 entrepreneurs under his “Mastering the Business of your Talent” coaching program and the result was the earnings of N143 million in 6 weeks. I was blown away and I followed her. Here are some thoughts she shared recently on how to have marital success while in business. Having a successful business and marriage is seen by many as mutually exclusive. Life is hard. So choose your hard. Do you want be single or married, have kids or not want to, stay employed or unemployed? Whatever choice you make, it will always be hard. If everything i