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Iphie Chucks-Adizue on Solving The Family vs Career Dilema


Photo: Iphie Chuks-Adizue
Source: Exquisite Magazine

Ifeoma Chuks-Adizue also known as Iphie wears many hats on a typical day. She is a Wife, Mother, Business Executive Entrepreneur and founder of the "Uncommon Woman Movement" an initiative geared towards helping women who desire to be more birth their dreams. 

Ifeoma was at a point in her life confronted with the dilemma of choosing between her son and her career. After weighing the pros and cons of each situation, she stepped back from career to cater to the needs of her son who was asked to repeat a class because he had speech impediment.

"It was HARD! I was leading the biggest brand at work through a very significant time. I asked myself - What would it profit me if I proved I could turn around a declining big brand but my son started on a downward journey psychologically?

"I cried alot but knew I had to can be really painful especially when you are a career-driven person but I've learnt that it pays off in the long run" she told Good Morning America. 

Fast forward to ten months after her resignation. Ifeoma resumed her job a happy mom. Her son had transformed from having speech impediment to being loquacious. He "talks for Africa" she said. She also "grew her new brand double digits in a recession".

Not only that, she also got another opportunity to revive a declining multunational brand.

Her lessons and success inspired her to share three nuggets for moms who may be confronting the challenge of choosing between their careers and family. 

Here they are: 

  • Family is key. May you always be present when they need you.
  • Opportunities seemingly lost for family ALWAYS come back beautifully.
  • The start of your career doesn't define you. Don't quit!"


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