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Maximizing Divine Opportunities As A Mom

Sandra Osawemwenze
Founder: Destiny Busy Moms

Sandra Osawemwenze is the founder of Destiny Busy Moms, a vlog dedicated to inspiring today's Christain moms in the journey of purpose. 

We had a conversation about fulfilling purpose and the following questions ensued. I hope the answers I provided will be helpful in your own journey to living to your full potential in life.

1. In your own assessment, do you think more moms are waking up to destiny fulfillment in this dispensation?

Awunli Eghosasere
Founder: HapiWify

If I am to give a statistics to this question, I will say 10 out of every 100 women are conscious about their purpose and only 2 out of the 10 are actively engaged in matters relating to their purposes. So what does that say? Many women are just coasting along like one women empowerment advocate mentioned.

In our generation, there are three things I have observed that are limiting women from pursuing their purposes fully.

The first one is stress. We are living in a fast paced world! Everything is done in a hurry and in a way that looks like we are being chased. It is most especially hard for a 9-5 mom who barely gets the chance to rest after one days work before another begins. And then, the cycle of rush, hustle and bustle continues.

These days, many households are finding it hard to get by and only when the basics of life have been met before people take the time to live for purpose.

The second is social media. These days, most of us are addicted to our phones. We stay glued to it like our lives depend on it. We scroll through our social media feeds and timelines and before you know it, three to four hours have been spent doing nothing! This is such a huge distraction. A big time stealer.

Though a mordern and an effective tool to advancing in any area of life, if women don't excercise discipline, it may do more harm than good. You are the only one who has the power to control your distractions.

The third is an absence of support systems. In the days of our mothers, they had domestic helps. Sometimes relatives also come to live with them and assist with domestic chores. And that little spare time they get from this help gives them the chance to pursue the things that they have been put here on earth for.

But these days, there has been a lot of cases of sexual abuse, poisoning, man stealing and all sorts of evil perpetrated by domestic helps and sometimes relatives.

Many women are desisting from having helps for fear of the above mentioned reasons or to avoid a reoccurence. So they wear all the hats they have to wear to keep the home front going.

After all these, the matter of purpose is usually pushed to the back burner.

2.What would you say is/are the greatest challenge(s) why moms don't feel fulfilled?

Women can only find fulfillment or reach their full capabilities when they walk on the path specifically designed for them. An Albert Einstein quote says a fish will live all its life thinking it is stupid if it is expected to climb a tree. And of course, a fish can only swim in water. It was designed to function that way. In other words you will only find fulfillment when you stay on the path you were designed for. Walking outside of it, is walking in the opposite direction of the things that will make your life work.

3. How can we moms identify divine opportunities and how can they begin to live up to their destiny?

Apply yourself wherever you are. Look at the things that are placing a demand on what you carry--your talents,skills, experiences, exposure etc. Excercise what you carry inside. It is only when you do that you are chartng the path to your destiny. If biblical Joseph had not exercised his gifts and skills throughout his journey, he would not have gotten to the path that launched him into becoming a Prime Minister in Egypt. For example, when the butler and baker were depressed, he approached them in an attempt to solve their problems. He did. The help he rendered opened doors to his own freedom and enthronement.

I read a line many years ago that have stuck with me. It goes like this: some people are waiting for a whisper from heaven to show them what to do when the voice in their environment is shouting aloud. You see, what a person is created to do is what it naturally desires to do.

The passion in you is the only permission need to step into your purpose.

We concluded the conversation with an invitation to her audience for a free 15 minutes consultation with me. If you need help discovering your purpose, f
ind details 

Watch a snippet of our chat here


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