How to Solve Money Issues in Your Marriage

Money issues in the  family

Money is one of the stongest issues that break marriages says many studies and marriage counsellors.

For example, one early sunday morning, I jolted out of a sweet deep sleep having heard the sound of a broken glass in a flat above mine. When I listened closely to the argument, I deduced that money was what the couple were fighting over. As a matter of fact, on that day, my neighbourhood was full of people who left what they were doing to settle the fight between the couple. It was such a pathetic scene! 

According to a marriage relationship expert, disagreements about money issues shouldn't spun into a full blown war between couples. All you have to do is have consistent and respectful conversations around the money subject so as to prevent tempers from flaring.

These conversations will give you insight into the underlying belief that fuels your partners actions.

Understanding that underlying belief is paramount to working your way around money issues.

Another step is seeking professional help. Sometimes, your spouse may not want to take financial lessons from you. In this case, a financial advisor may be needed to come to the rescue. A financial expert may be able to open your spouse's eyes to see ways he or she may be shortchanging your family's financial future by not making important and wise financial decisions. 

Also, if you have been given the reins of money management in your home, it is important you show yourself as a worthy steward. A well respected clergy says her money management skills has helped her earn her husbands trust when it comes to handling money in their home. Her husband can trust her with large sums of money besides the money needed for their daily upkeep she says.

She wouldn't for any reason use finances meant for house keeping to meet her need for flattery pieces of material adornment she adds.

Again, If your spouse is the bread winner and you rarely make contributions as a result of a lack of job or as a stay at home mum, the truth is, you will be seen as a liability. 

The economic climate is harsh and a single income source which is not enough may be putting a strain on your hubby's emotions as such he takes it out on you. What you should do in this scenerio is to find something to earn money so you can contribute what you can to your home's financial purse.When you do, it will earn you some respect from your spouse. You will also be proud of yourself.

Finally, many men are extremely frugal when it comes to giving their wives money for her personal upkeep. Many women have interpreted this behavior of the man "as being stingy" which may be true in some cases. Women who are faced with situations like this should surely put into action plans to earn their own money so as not to become victims of financial abuse and also be able to afford items they need for their material wellbeing and personal development. 

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