How to Manage the Most Important Things in Your Life

Life is always busy. We are always chasing after our goals and dreams. The busyness that comes with everyday life may get us distracted that we may push the things that matter most to the back burner.

In the midst of our very busy schedules, when we take time out to reflect and channel our focus to the most important things in our lives, life will be more fulfilling.

Here, I share some thoughts on what I believe we should keep our eyes on regardless of our busy schedules.


Sometimes, it’s funny how we pay attention to everything else except ourselves especially as women. We are nurtures by nature and we always want to ensure everyone is all right and everything is OK. But, do we stop for one moment and check in on ourselves?

You are first the most important thing. Your family, organization (whether self-employed or otherwise) and the society always have need for you. As such, if you do not take the time to take care of yourself as much as you do others, you may not have you to offer to them.

Again, you are also your best and greatest investment. It is what you have in you that you can give to the categories of people in your life mentioned above. You are what makes the organization you work for, your family and society be the best they can be.

In other words, you are indispensable to yourself, your family, your organization and the society at large.

Therefore, you have to manage yourself in an effective way so as to maximize your life and personal value. 


Managing yourself includes activities that you cultivate to help you achieve optimal health. Such as exercise, ample amount of rest, a healthy diet, time, etc. Without your health and well-being you may not be able to achieve as much as you have aspired to in life. 

A healthy lifestyle-- exercising, meditating, eating wholefoods, minimizing stress and creating a healthy balance between work and life are some of the habits that can keep one in good health and longevity.

Doing what you love will also help you among many other good things, walk the path of greatness, make you feel fulfilled, and help you realize your potential at work and in life.





Time is not a resource that will always be available hence the essential need for its effective management. Poor management of this valuable asset leads to poor decisions, low productivity and haphazard results.

Time wasted today cannot be regained. Time moves on irrespective of how you feel or want it to be. It cannot be static. The things you were able to do as a child you can’t do today as an adult and definitely not be able to do as you get older. Hence you must strive to plan your time effectively to achieve results that will help you live a more productive life.

Learn to spend time on things that matter most to you. This is important because time wasted cannot be regained. Make every second count by not waiting until you have all the resources needed to execute a plan (you waste precious time by doing that). Also, adjust your personality to be a risk lover. Life in itself is a risk, if you don’t take risk; you will never know the doors that might have opened to you.



One of the essences of the work-life balance phenomenon in the workplace is to create time for recreation and relaxation and also enable employees to spend more and quality time with their families. 

More often than not, all our hard work is to enable us to support our loved ones. All that effort sometimes is eroded when we fail to pay attention to the one thing that we will fall back to ‘when it’s all been said and done’. 

Create ample time to spend with your loved ones. Don’t push them aside as you strive to work harder and earn a higher income to take care of them. Your family is the one thing that will be there for you in the end so invest in your relationship with them.


Your network whether casual or professional is an accelerator for success. Life becomes fluid when you have eyes and ears in places you ordinarily cannot reach. Your network enables you to achieve things faster than you would have tried on your own. People are the connection between where you are and where you want to be. People are key to anything you want to achieve in this life. Therefore, you should not only be interested in networking but managing your network effectively by doing the following:

Seeking to understand people: Develop your emotional intelligence. Many times, human relationships are fraught with misunderstandings, conflict of interest, selfish ambition and many other things that will not make relationships thrive. No two people behave the same way and even a particular person’s behavior might be difficult to predict. However, you will still need to understand human behavior so you will be able to minimize conflict of interest most of the time.

Keeping in touch: Some people tend to flee their friendships when things begin to look good for them. Or they are not just good at keeping in touch with people. Keeping in touch keeps the relationship alive and asking for help will flow naturally unlike when you abandon the relationship and come out of nowhere to ask for help.

Showing gratitude: No matter how little or insignificant you think someone’s help was to you, try to show gratitude. When you do the person won’t find it hard to be of help to you on another occasion.

Being there for them: How would you feel if you are always there for someone but he is never there for you? Imagine that feeling and try to reverse the habit if you are someone no one can count on.


Finally, every aspect of life is affected by money. The quality of life you are able to live is determined by this resource. Learning how to manage this resource is of the essence else life will be a constant struggle.

Financial experts have emphasized that savings (for investments, emergencies and retirement) is a habit one needs to cultivate and do consistently in order to enjoy this resource. So ensure financial management tops your list of personal development goals.

When we keep our focus on these aspects of our lives in between the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we will be able to lead a more fulfilling life.