Yummilicious: Stir Fried egg Sauce and Boiled Plantain


Habanero pepper(fresh pepper)  
Chili pepper(shombo)
Sausages (optional) 
You can use any protein of your choice 
Seasoning cubes (I used knnor cubes) 
Sweet corn for garnishing(optional)


Blend all your pepper and put aside.
Pour a little oil in a non sticking pan,place on fire.After a few minutes, add onions.Whisk your egg and add it to the oil and onions mixture.Put it aside.

In another pan,pour a little oil again,then add your pepper and sausages or any other protein you want to use. Add your seasoning cubes and salt to taste and you are ready. 
Serve it by spreading your eggs on the plate before pouring your sauce on it. 
Use any garnishing of your choice. 
You can eat it with yam,Irish potato etc 
I had mine with boiled plantain. Enjoy!

I am a wife,mom;caterer,foodie and above all,God lover.Cooking meals has been a part of me since I discovered the talent in 2009.

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