Franca Ohien:Don't continue with the bad circle

Ohien Franca, studied Quantity surveying in Yaba College of Technology.She did her National Youth Service in Osun State, during which she learnt how to sew.She is Currently working at a consultancy quantity surveying firm and does fashion designing whenever she is free.

Millenialwives caught up with her to ask her about married life.

1.How does it feel being married?

Feeling grateful. I thank God because I prayed and he heard me. I am very happy.

2.What difference is there in your life as a single and being married?

So many differences,one of which is ,I have someone to answer to. I can"t make decisions on my own anymore. I can't even as much as go to the market without letting my husband know. My husband told me one day that he is now responsible for me when I was trying to question why I have to tell him about my every move, and that is the truth

3.How do you achieve work life balance?

Planning is key and prayer too.Sometimes I come back from work, and am so tired that I am not even interested in eating,but I have to prepare something for my husband, sometimes he helps out, other times when he is too tired too, we can just look for something less stressful to prepare and eat. So its important to marry someone who is understanding.

4.What is the best marriage advice you received that is working for you?

Have a forgiving spirit. Be ready to always forgive, be patient.Those are the very few that has really  come in handy in my few months of being married. You know that feeling when someone annoys you, and you really want to pay them back or not talk to them and then you remember this person is your partner, and you just have to forgive and move on so that the marriage can work.

5. What advice do you have for single ladies still searching for a life partner?

Firstly, be your self.Don't try to be anybody else, whoever will marry you will love you just the way you are.Secondly, don't be afraid to tell God the kind of man you want to spend your life with, and ask him to help you also.

6.How can married women add value to themselves,their marriage and their kids?

Firstly, marriage is a first time thing the first time you enter into it, so you need help, you need the author of marriage to guide you.One of the scriptures I usually confess on a daily basis before I got married was the popular proverbs 31. Secondly, you have to update yourself, don't assume you know everything or how to raise a child, check the internet for information and also be willing to receive correction. Be ready to change the things you did not like or were improper that you experienced when you were growing up.Don't continue with the bad circle.