Fight Until You Win

This is a spoken word I performed at my church. It is based on some characters in Scriptures that rose above their circumstances and the true life experiences of two women who shared their breakthrough stories with me.

I hope this encourages you to live to your full potential in all aspects of your life.
Please do enjoy it!

A college student once told me
her penultimate semester result was very poor on the one hand
But God told her it was good on the other hand
She said, "I read so hard and prayed so hard
For my final papers
That when I checked in with the course adviser
At the end of the semester
The course adviser asked me:
'Where have you been
And what is it about you
That during the senate meeting
Everyone insisted your result be upgraded' "?
To cut a long story short
She was among those who graduated top of the class

A woman
Pregnant for the second time
Being told she would have to go
Under the knives
Because her vital signs were abnormal
She said this report was not the promise she got in the place of prayer
So she held on to the promise praying throughout the night and in the morning
She gave birth to a beautiful girl
Without being operated on

Don’t get me wrong
Am not saying it is wrong
To be give birth by a caesarean operation
The point am trying to make is standing with the promise
Irrespective of the circumstance

What if Esther had not taken a stand to be who God called her to be
Just because she wouldn’t dare the kings order
To save her people?
Her name would not have been written in the words of life
Her footprints never left in the sands of time
"For a time such as this" would never have been known
If she had not taken that stand to be who God called her to be
And Jabez?
What if he had not prayed but accepted his fate saying
"I was born this way"?
But no!
He prayed and he got what he wanted

See Jacob the sup-planter later prince with God
Because he held on
He kept pressing in until he got the promise

I know it’s hard to keep moving in the darkest of night
But instead of rocking that boat
Step into the raging waters
Fix your eyes on the promise
Cause you will hear him say "peace be still"
He is the King of the flood
The Lord of the storm
When we are weak He is strong
So stand up and fight

Fight for the dreams in your heart
Fight for the life you want
Fight for the destiny he called you
Fight today for your tomorrow
Fight for the future you see
Fight the good fight of faith
Fight until you win
Cause you will win
And when you win
A new day begins
It will be a better you
Bigger you
Greater you
Glorious you
A higher you
So, Fight until you win
Cause you will win