How I got Pregnat with PCOS

Any woman will be apprehensive when she hears that something has gone wrong with her chances of having kids.This was my case a few years ago when I was being assessed for a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian sydrome). It is a condition that has to do with hormonal imbalance.

In my early twenties, I noticed I was having irregular periods, I never told anyone not even my parents because I didn't think it was something I should worry about. Fortunately for me, I met a friend who observed that I had irregular periods because I was now in the university and we were room mates. When I understood the implications of irregular periods, I took my first visit to the doctor.

I was sent to do a trans-vaginal scan and hormone profile test and both results came in with indications that I was having estrogen dominance.

I was given oral contraceptives to regularize my cycle.If you are used to visiting public hospitals, you will observe that you don't get to see a particular doctor.Whenever you visit the hospital , it is not the doctor that attended to you today that will do same the next time hence I was getting different and complicated feed-backs.

The last doctor I met before I took maters into my hands told me that there was a question mark on the diagnosis and there was no permanent cure to the PCOS condition.The only solution was to continue with the pills until I am ready to get pregnant and then I can stop it.
As I kept taking the pills, I was adding weight. I went from 54kg to 64kg in a few months.

Not happy with the continuous weight gain even after coming off the pills and taking treatments recommended by the doctors with no success for two years,I went online and did some research about the condition and started making some changes that increased my chances of fertility.

I will just list some of the things I did that increased my chances of conceiving.

Prayer: I prayed constantly. Heard of the scripture 'acknowledge Him in all your ways and He shall direct your path'? I also made sure I prayed in the spirit. I am a Christian, and this step was a very important one for me. Speaking in tongues has a way of helping you get information in your spirit. I made sure I was sensitive in the spirit and took seriously the word that made impact in my heart whenever am reading the bible,listening to His word preached,or just listening to a praise/worship song.

Diet: I replaced simple carbs with complex carbs. For instance instead of eating rice, I took oats and if I had to eat rice, I mixed it with vegetables and beans.I ate less fried foods, I ate more fruits and vegetables. Whole wheat was  my constant swallow in place of Eba or Akpu. I took skimmed milk instead of full fat. I just made sure I ate healthily.

Exercise: I made sure I took long walks most of the time to combat the  insulin resistance associated with the condition. 

Natural drugs aka supplements: I made research on supplements that could help me beat this and I came across fertilaid after trying many others,this seem to have an effect on my cycle. It regulated it.

NB: Before you try using any natural supplement, ensure you talk to your doctor.

I have three kids today to the glory of God Almighty!

...If  I had known that God will show me this much kindness, I wouldn't have been worried at all. I was told severally that I wouldn't be able to have children. I spent my early youth in depression worrying over this. Whenever you have a situation that is overwhelming, cast your cares on Him for He cares for you! God will make a way!

My Second Daughter and I