Six Ways to Tone Down Stress in your Life

It is not uncommon to see someone you know, perhaps your friend, a family member, or  colleague whose demeanor is looking unusual and you show concern by asking the question ‘why is your appearance looking dull today?’ or you  say  ‘you seem to have lost weight’ and their reply would be ‘it is stress o jare’ in Nigeria vernacular.

The term stress seem to be something everyone takes for granted but its effect on our physical, emotional and mental well-being is often disastrous.

More women than men are prone to stress partly because besides the everyday hustle to support the family income is the added responsibility of taking care of the home front.

Many studies have confirmed that stress could lead to deli-bating diseases like high blood pressure (which is constantly on the rise in recent times), heart attack, nervous breakdown and many others. Hence, there is an urgent need for us to take the matter of stress very seriously.

Here are six ways to manage stress because it cannot be eliminated completely.

For some women, the need for achievement, to do better than their parents did in providing for their children, to outdo their contemporaries in terms of material acquisition and accumulation has fueled their desire to work round the clock non-stop.
To be kind to your health and long term well being, you have to know when to take some rest from work.

Some people know when to unwind after a hard days job while some people see it as unnecessary. For some folks, reading interesting books, going to see a movie or watching one at home, hanging out with friends and family are some of the ways they relax after a long week from work.
Having a good sleep, exercising and meditating are some of the ways that can help you rejuvenate and refresh your body after the hustle.

It is important to note that being busy does not translate into being productive. To increase productivity, know how to set your priorities right; weigh what is important and what you should let go, and determine when you have done more than your strength can take at a time.

Trying to do everything by yourself will cause more harm than good to your well being. Leave those things you can delegate to someone else at work, outsource some tasks if you can afford it, and ask family members and friends to help out as a way of reducing your workload.

To avoid being tensed and stressed at the last minute, why don’t you plan well ahead of any task or future event? Planning ahead will make you feel relaxed and calm and prevent the release of stress hormones that could lead to ill health. If the task is huge, consider doing it bit by bit instead of waiting till you complete it all at once.

Worrying over an issue will only complicate matters both in your health and the problem at hand. It won’t solve it. Worry and anxiety tends to the release of stress hormones in your body. Rather than worry, pray, believe and take the steps you need to solve the problem.

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