Five Tips for Dealing with Negative Circumstances

Life is a challenge in itself! Every day you wake up is designed for you to solve problems, surmount difficulties and cross over many hurdles. 

If one does not adopt the right mindset, you might find yourself wrapped up in so many difficulties that you will find it hard to climb out.

Here I share insights I got from reading Joyce Meyer book: 'Woman to Woman on dealing with negative circumstances'.

Know the antidote of fear

Joyce says "the best antidote to fear is faith". You have the power to choose what flows through your mind. Is it to be afraid or be hopeful when confronted with a bad situation?Whenever a fearful thought comes to you, don't let it take root by standing against it with Gods truth.

Do something about the situation

If you desire a better life than you have now, you must make a decision and take the necessary steps to have it.Wallowing in self pity will not take you any step further.

For example, the woman with the issue of blood didn’t wait for Jesus to notice her or her pain,she reached out for what she desperately needed to change her life's story. 

Nothing happens in a vacuum. For your pain to be solved,you will need to take that step to change your story or actualize your aspirations. Lingering in self pity is a waste of your precious time because it will only keep you in the place of regrets,stagnation and more pain. Inspiring yourself to go after the solutions will change your story for good and help you move forward. 

Trust God

Trusting God means you are not putting your hope in man. Putting your hope in man can lead to unfulfilled expectations thus translating to disappointment at the end of the day. 

The word of God codemns depending on "the arm of flesh"

Take Responsibility

When you tag the blame of your predicament on someone else other than you, you will be creating an invisible wall that will be hard to pull down. But when you take responsibility, your eyes become open to your faults, mistakes, and short comings. You will be able to take the steps to correct the gaps you have identified. This method is empowering. You feel alive when you are able to change the narrative for yourself.

Be personally responsible for the outcome of situations that involve you, in that way,you will have the chance to deal with the real issue.

Your life is what you make of it. 

Step Out

Don't allow challenges to box you into a corner, instead treat challenges as stepping stones to achieving something greater.When you adopt this method of solving problems, you will be out of the situation sooner than you think.

Inspirational and motivational speakers will always tell you to see a glass with some water half full and not half empty. Why so? Seeing the glass half empty means your focus is on the dark side. It fills you with pessimism. But seeing the glass half full, changes your focus to the positive aspect. You become optimistic and hopeful. Dwelling on positivity helps you beat down challenges in no time. 

Be inspired by the above tips from Joyce Meyer's book to help you climb 
out of difficult situations and negative circumstances.