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Olayinka Oyetunji: Your Dreams Get Fulfilled in Trying to Help Others

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Dear Woman, The Gift You Have is a Big Deal

Women's Devotional  1Timothy 4:14 "Do not neglect the gift you have..." A young woman who had not had a meal from the previous day because of some of her financial difficulties found some metal scraps at her backyard and threw it out.  While she did, she met the inquisitive gaze of a passerby. A few minutes later, she came back to get something outside her compound and found that the passerby and a metal scraps buyer were haggling over the price of the metal scraps she had just thrown away. The price for which the metal scraps were sold left her mouth hanging wide open. She couldn't believe that she hadn't had a meal from the previous day because of a lack of cash and she had a solution all along but couldn't see it.  Like the woman in this story, how often do we commonise what we have--our gifts and innate abilities. We look at the things that we have and treat them like the metal scraps--we throw them away! And our lives are no better for it. We want somethi


     Photo: Coach Jules.     Source: Okene Juliet Okene aka Coach Jules is the founder of It is a coaching boutique that helps high potential individuals gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives, and bridge the gap between their performance and potential. I heard about Juliet Okene for the first time when Steve Harris mentioned her name in an Instagram post. She coached 35 entrepreneurs under his “Mastering the Business of your Talent” coaching program and the result was the earnings of N143 million in 6 weeks. I was blown away and I followed her. Here are some thoughts she shared recently on how to have marital success while in business. Having a successful business and marriage is seen by many as mutually exclusive. Life is hard. So choose your hard. Do you want be single or married, have kids or not want to, stay employed or unemployed? Whatever choice you make, it will always be hard. If everything i


  Photo: Efe Fagbeja. Source: Efe Fagbeja is a life coach focused on self-discovery and personal fulfillment for women. She is a wife and mother of four. She worked in paid employment for about eight years and has been in business for the last ten years. She is also involved in several non-profit projects. Since 2006, alongside her work and business, she has counselled, coached and helped several women to take charge of their lives in spite of their personal challenges and circumstances. Below are some insights she shared on discovering your dreams again. Women who have lost their dreams live for everyone else except themselves. Many women are stuck as stay at home mums. It is not bad to do business from home, however many women are at home and stuck not by choice. If you want to be a stay at home, that is fine if that is your dream. How to Recognize a Lost Woman. “Ask yourself: "who makes the major decisions about my life?” When a woman’s life revolves around o


  Photo: Ruth Echem Zubairu/Facebook  Ruth Echem Zubairu is an online visibility expert. She is the founder of AVC NG where she works as a consultant, a corporate trainer, coach and a speaker.  Prior to this time, Ruth and her spouse had moved to a new city. As a new mom of two toodlers under two years, Ruth struggled with a loss of identity. She desired for other ways to express herself other than being vested in domestic chores all day long. She wanted to do more and be more. She longed to have adult conversations and always found she took out her frustrations on her spouse.  At a point in time, Ruth discovered she wasn't fair to her spouse at those moments she unbundled her frustrations on him because he had also gotten his share of challenges at work.  This realization led Ruth to a place of discovery which she has coined as the '5 A’s for positive transitioning'. Ruth says transitioning means different things to different people. It could mean investing funds in a busi

Having it all: A Family, Your Life's Vocation and Everything in Between

 By Awunli Eghosasere Photo by Any Jane, Do you want to give up your career or dreams because you feel you can't cope with the demands of work and family? Here I am saying don't throw in the towel because you can if you can say you can. All you need is a healthy dose of a good plan and determination. Can a woman have it all? Our families and kids are one of our most important jobs and should be held in high regard. Letting go of your dreams or one of the avenues for your unique expressions will mean you are sabotaging your own self-fulfillment and self-actualization possibilities. In other words, it will be like living a one-sided life. Besides, when you commit to utilizing your abilities in whichever way you want, you become a role model for your kids.  You will be sending a serious message to your female children and others whom you would come across in life that they can be anything they aspire to. We need to see both roles of Motherhood and living our vocation

These Five Things can Make any Marriage Successful says Derek Prince

                      Photo: Josh Williks. Before a marriage happens, there is usually a premarital class and sometimes counseling to prepare intending couples for the life they will share. Every wife-to-be eagerly looks forward to the new home she will make with her spouse. However, that happiness and bliss always expected takes work to make it happen. Here are five responsibilities of a wife Dereck Prince, a Pastor and Bible teacher whose teachings have been broadcast around the world and in several languages says will make any marriage successful.   To be a helper : "The primary purpose of God giving a wife to Adam is to be a helper. A lot of people today think that if 'I am a helper, I am inferior'. That is absurd! No one is superior or inferior to anybody else in the body of Christ. Each of us is given a place and a job. What God requires of us, is to be faithful". Scripture: Genesis 2:18 “And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be al